How Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Impacts your bottom line.

SEO is a long-term strategy for Internet exposure and is ever increasingly vital to the business world. Proverbs 27:2 says, “Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth—a stranger, not your own lips.” SEO effects your bottom-line because of the trust factor associated with a personal encounter from an unbiased source. Consumers like to buy from companies they feel are worthy of their trust and money. There are three big ways SEO can affect your bottom-line.

SEO influences your bottom-line by establishing your brand’s reach potential. The aforementioned Bible excerpt explains the foundational support for word-of-mouth. This has expanded into user-based reviews that are featured in today’s blogs and review sites that SEOs are frequently paid to optimize. Depending on the keywords selected for your campaign, you may see people from around the globe seeking your product. Adding international clients can definitely change the landscape of a business bottom-line.

Another way SEO impacts your bottom-line is by limiting the power of the competition. Competitors could potentially click on your ads to help drain your advertising budget, so they can show up closer to the top of paid search results. At this time, it is very hard to prove and prevent when using the pay-per-click advertising method. Furthermore, you must pay whether or a not a sale is made each time someone clicks. This can quickly become a huge expense in hopes of getting a sale. Avoid the headache entirely by using a majority of advertising budget for SEO and use pay-per-click for short-term promotions with a tight budget that you can earn back with even a few sales. SEO allows you to build a rapport and write quality content that can surpass the competition. The more frequently you publish, the more highly Google will show your content.

The last big way SEO effects your bottom-line is by helping your business thrive on repeat referrals. This can help your business stand the test of time. Consistent paying customers can help keep a business afloat during many kinds of economic downturns. Best of all, SEO prevents click fraud by being an alternative that allows your readers to be informed about your product without costing you as the advertiser each time someone clicks. This directly impacts your bottom-line as an entrepreneur.

In conclusion, a business owner can pay one fee up front and decide if you want more SEO service. The opportunity to control how much money is spent is what differentiates SEO’s impact on your bottom-line than other advertising techniques. For instance, you can’t receive a steady stream of leads from pay-per-click once your budget is exhausted.  However, with SEO you can still have people find your helpful “how-to” article that makes them want to do business with you.  SEO impacts your bottom-line in a good way when you receive quality optimized content. This may leave more profit to explore other projects or give back to the community. After all, you already have a lasting presence with valuable content keywords driving potential traffic for years to come.  Therefore, SEO doesn’t place a limit on the amount of sales you can earn on the content because the Internet is wide-open without a subscription or budget that can run out.

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